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Project: Thracian ethnic group Vlachs/Rudari for global integration

FOUNDATION FG In connection with the meetings held in support of the integration and social support of the ethnic group Vlachs/Rudari, numbering over 2.5 million people in Europe, the following ideas and guidelines to be worked on in future projects were FOUNDATION FG taken into account:

  • Project starts a need for immediate training of older people in the field of computers and technology
  • Project starts establishing communication and connection with the younger generation of our ethnic group (development of sports clubs and events)
  • Project starts conducting educational and professional courses for both young and old.
  • establishing contacts with psychologists, educators, teachers in each country for support at school. In pursuance of the above aims, a group has been formed to gather basic information about the ethnic group, such as culture, history, traditions.

FOUNDATION FG look forward to the support of an organization engaged in the preparation of ethnography of the ethnic group in close cooperation with thracologists and experts in history.

For more information please see our approve Petition No 0316/2019