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FG Corp Orphan home Project

Children in Bulgaria are in dire need of fundamental resources such as a roof over their heads, food on their tables, warm clothes, access to basic education and vocational skills, and most importantly, someone who understands their plea and will find ways to uplift them.

For instance, according to a UNICEF report, the statistics regarding education and health care are alarming. Fewer than 80 percent of children aged 3 to 4 attend kindergartens, which can be an essential source of early education and care. Moreover, about 1,000 school-age children do not enroll in school each year, which can have severe consequences for their future prospects and well-being. The situation is particularly challenging for Roma children, as 45 percent of them do not attend preschool, and 15 percent do not attend school. This can perpetuate cycles of poverty and social exclusion and limit their opportunities to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

To address these issues, it is essential to prioritize early childhood development and education and ensure that all children have access to quality early learning and care opportunities. To add on, it is concerning to hear that Bulgaria has the highest rate in Europe of children separated from their parents. The reasons for this, such as poverty, lack of support, social isolation, and/or disability of the child, are indicative of systemic issues that need to be addressed.

  • Project starts a need for immediate training of older people in the field of computers and technology
  • Project starts establishing communication and connection with the younger generation of our ethnic group (development of sports clubs and events)
  • Project starts conducting educational and professional courses for both young and old.
  • establishing contacts with psychologists, educators, teachers in each country for support at school. In pursuance of the above aims, a group has been formed to gather basic information about the ethnic group, such as culture, history, traditions.

The FG Foundation aims to provide care, support, and protection for orphaned, semi-orphaned, and street children in Bulgaria through its Orphan Children Home project. Providing lodging and boarding facilities, counseling, and access to renewable energy sources like solar panels and turbines can help address the basic needs of these vulnerable children.

Our project focuses on the acquisition of 134 houses in a private guarded plot with modern amenities such as a recreation area, a shopping center, a medical center, and a water treatment and sewage system that can provide a safe and healthy environment for the children. The use of high-quality energy-saving materials such as various ecologically friendly types of bricks, wood and glass units, solar panels, electricity turbines, along with adequate gas heating to each floor with an elaborate distribution plan will help reduce environmental impact as well as promote sustainable living while educating the community about the same.

The importance of carrying out the project in a way that respects the cultural and ethnic diversity of the children and their families has been kept at the forefront while constituting the blueprint of this plan. It is also crucial to involve local communities and stakeholders in the planning and implementation process to ensure their participation and ownership of the project, as well as familiarize them with their own community.

Furthermore, it is important to address the root causes of orphanhood, semi-orphanhood, and street life, which are often poverty, discrimination, and social exclusion. FG Foundation can work with other organizations and agencies to promote policies and programs that address these underlying issues and provide long-term solutions for the children and their families. For example, we will be aiming to equip the children with apt vocational hobbies or activities which will help them establish a career or make professional choices within their own right.

This housing project has been envisioned to be a stepping stone in Bulgaria as we wish to address and overcome much deeply rooted issues such as societal stigma, lack of awareness, lack of proactiveness, all while aiming to tackle the bane of affecting the climate during construction with help of sustainable and green measures. Such a project will not only benefit the lives of numerous children that will be placed under our care but accelerate the onset of a greener revolution in Bulgaria.