Purpose and vision

At FG Foundation, our purpose and vision are deeply rooted in the empowerment of individuals born into rural and ethnic minority communities. We are committed to integrating these marginalized populations into the evolving societies from which they have been isolated.

Modus Operandi

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the transition of these individuals out of poverty, ensuring their sustenance and self-reliance. We build their social capital, align them with their nation’s developmental policies, address recognition and identity issues, and enhance their visibility and acceptance in society. To achieve these objectives, we employ a range of effective strategies and tools:

Financial inclusion: -

We promote financial inclusion by assisting recipients in opening bank accounts to save their earnings and familiarizing them with digital payment technologies. Accessible, reliable, and affordable technologies empower individuals, particularly women, to engage more actively in the national financial landscape, motivating them to learn and grow.

Investment in the health: -

Recognizing that education is impossible on an empty stomach, we prioritize health. We follow carefully planned vaccination schedules for mothers and newborns to ensure their survival and healthy growth. Our funds also go towards creating food security by providing pulses and dietary supplements to expectant mothers and children.
Regular consultations with physicians, including psychologists and mental health experts, help monitor the health and emotional well-being of children under five and the entire community. We understand the importance of providing additional support for children from these backgrounds to adapt to new educational methods, so our education teams, comprised of teachers and psychologists, offer guidance and mental support.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles: -

Our volunteers and team members organize regular activities to promote good health, self-esteem, and emotional well-being among children. We plan to establish a sports club and designate green spaces for outdoor games, crucial for healthy mental development.

Vocational Training: -

While preserving cultural traditions, we recognize the need for ethnic groups to adapt to the modern world. We offer vocational training in computer and technology-related fields to young adults and elders within these communities. This training enhances their skills, employability, self-reliance, and integration into the present-day workforce, with a focus on gender equality.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

Marginalized communities bring a wealth of knowledge in their histories, cultures, traditions, gastronomy, medicines, and handicrafts. We believe in preserving and documenting their narratives, enriching the nation’s culture and history. Our dedicated history and archaeology teams work closely with educators to document these valuable experiences, aiding anthropological research and heritage preservation.

Principles and values:-

Our work at FG Foundation is guided by core principles and values: