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Date Started

The very idea of giving back to the community through upliftment sowed the seed for FOUNDATION FG first charity. We believe that every individual of our wide shared society, irrespective of national frontiers, is promising and deserves the privilege of growth, identity, and a brighter future through self-reliance. Our organisation FOUNDATION FG is one of the many means through which we directly reach out to and aid primarily ethnically marginalized children and adults. These smiling faces are born to indigenous tribes or historically backward families in the deprived societies of Africa, India, and Europe. These groups have had a history of being severely socially displaced, property-less, historically disadvantaged, politically unrepresented, and thereby secluded from growth, opportunity, national economy, and the national narrative. Our aim is to give these deserving individuals essential developmental tools to secure their development and their livelihood.

The first child/individual helped by FOUNDATION FG was on 1995.

Organisation Structure & Leadership:

Our global headquarters are in London. Our regional offices are in the cities of Bern, New Delhi, Beijing, Lagos, Vientiane, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Varna, Accra, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Bucharest. Our management is democratic, disciplined, and decentralised, each local office is a power centre that makes case-by-case decision on the most efficient employment of funds. Our leadership is structured to yield the maximum of the initiative demonstrated by our regional partners and employees. We encourage personal initiative throughout the organisation and provide a fair chance to demonstrate leadership. This organisational structure ensures that each member of our FOUNDATION FG family contributes the most of its potential to the children we serve. This further translates into highly motivated employees and stakeholders enthused at the opportunity of personal initiative and sincerity. We welcome partnerships who share our vision.